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Declic caută un Director IT care să se alăture echipei. Job-ul presupune cunoștințe decente de limba engleză, așa că publicăm direct anunțul în limba lui Tim Berners-Lee.

  • Apply by: 20th of June, 2018
  • Start by July 1st or ASAP
  • Location: remote / online with other members of the team in Cluj and Bucharest
  • Full time position
  • Reports to the Executive Director
  • Remote work, some office space available in Cluj or Bucharest

Overview of the position

Declic seeks a full-time web developer to provide direct service to our NGO, focused on social, economic, and environmental justice. We are looking for a mid-level full-stack developer with expertise in Git, skilled in web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, and comfortable managing a few different deployments at once of similar tools.

Your job will be to contribute to the development of a suite of purpose-built organising tools and manage deployments.

We are committed to providing fair pay and a healthy work culture, a collaborative work environment, opportunities for international travel, and great opportunities to grow as a developer. Women, minorities, people with disabilities, LGBTIQ individuals, and others from traditionally marginalised backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. We will consider applications also of non-Romanian citizens.

Email to apply.

Background on Declic 

Declic is an independent, non-profit, Cluj-based organisation working on multiple issues, together with an online community with a common set of values and a general strategic orientation. Our campaigns focus on human rights, women's rights, climate change, economic fairness, strengthening democracy, and empowering individual people to lift their voices to make change in their community and their country. And we all conduct this activism using largely digital tools, like outreach on email and social media, common tactics like online petitions, calls to parliament members, organising offline protests and actions, and volunteering in our communities. 

Declic is part of the OPEN network, and our tech director will work closely with other tech directors from sister organizations as well as managers or coordinators from the network. Some of the larger organisations have teams of 3 or 4 software developers, and have built their own tools that suit our needs and our use cases better than available commercial tools, to the point that even new organisations are looking to run these custom tools, and each one needs a developer to make that work. OPEN facilitates this collaborative model of software development and delivery, largely on Github and Slack, but also on email, via annual summits, staff exchanges, and more.


Maintain all the tech infrastructure of Declic and manage new deployments of a set of organising tools. We are using or want to start using some set of the following tools:
Identity (a Rails app), a data warehouse, mass email and SMS tool.
Speakout (a Padrino/Ruby app), a public-facing tool for citizens to contact decision-makers like members of parliament, to conduct surveys, and accept online donations from members.
More advanced tools for volunteer organising and voter contact, such as Spoke (Github), an open source peer-to-peer messaging tool built with React/Nodejs, and Kooragang (Github), an open source Express/Nodejs app for phonebanking with volunteers and staff.
A basic Laravel site, some reporting tool like Metabase, and other standardised tools.
All of these tools are maintained by other organisations in the network, so you won't have to maintain them, just use them, deploy them, and contribute to them from time to time.
You'll be a part of a global team working together to build and enhance this suite of organising tools, but your overriding responsibility will be as the person responsible for maintaining a healthy deployment of these tools. We hope this sounds like an exciting challenge!
You'll make sure we have relatively up-to-date deployments of the tools, that our organising needs are being met with bugfixes and feature development, and contribute to the overall health of the collaboration by refactoring, writing tests, building security features, writing documentation.

About you

We hope you will enjoy working on a small team (the Declic team consists of 6 people), but having a ton of colleagues (about 30 devs across the network, and 400 staff total).

You're a mid-level developer ready to learn a lot. You know how to lean on your colleagues and your community to navigate setup for a tool they built, even in an unfamiliar framework.

You are excited for the opportunity to work with people from different countries – different cultural backgrounds and political perspectives facing different challenges in their home countries – all trying to make the their world a better place.

You like details; you like getting it right; you feel a bit protective. When an organisation puts their trust in you to keep their website up and make sure their communications go out as planned, you value that and respect it.

You know how to keep things in perspective to manage priorities and keep big tasks moving forward. Attentive to the needs of your colleagues, but you know how to stay in flow when you're doing something important.

Skills and experience

Git is a huge part of our lives. You'll need to be comfortable navigating between master and stable, feature branches, hotfixes, and sometimes managing short-lived deployment branches for different organisations. Rebase, cherry-pick, tag a release – you should be able to do these things easily. And besides, if you are comfortable with Git, you can learn the rest of the code base by reviewing code changes as they come in.

Rails, other MVC frameworks like Django, other Ruby frameworks like Sinatra or Padrino. The tools we're working with are, in some ways, quite standard MVC apps, so any MVC familiarity should provide a solid base for learning the rest.

Javascript. If you aren't excellent with Javascript yet, you can be! If you're a general-purpose programmer who enjoys learning, this should be fine. You won't have to do a lot of original feature dev on our NodeJS tools, but they will be a part of your life, as will ES6 classes and React-style front-end components.

Development Operations. Needless to say, if you are managing deployments, you're going to want to be solid with things like CI, build tools, Docker and/or Heroku, etc. We do maintain Docker builds and CI tools where we need them, but the more experience you have with DevOps tools and practices, the more time you can spend on enhancing the tools and building the features that help us do better activism.


Final pay for this position will be determined based on experience, location, cost of living, and cost of employment in your region/country. The pay will vary based on your fit for the role. 
We are an NGO supported mainly by its members through small donations and we don??t accept money from polluting or unfair companies or any entity willing to influence us through the funds we receive. Thus, we cannot compete with salaries from big IT companies though we demand a similar level of expertise. We compensate with a great working environment and a possibility to help mobilize hundreds of thousands of people to fight for democracy, the environment, fairness and equality.
For a more senior candidate, we might also offer the same overall pay for 4 days/wk employment.
Other perks

Every once in a while, Antoniu will cook delicious meals with truffles or other sort of rare mushrooms;
Lumi will cut your hair according to the latest trends and will crochet for you the most fashionable cap ever;
Roxana will prepare an occasional sushi dinner;
Raluca has a colorful krav maga belt and she will defend you against bullies in case needed;
If you have a super special event, Olga's partner will play music at your party;
When you feel burned out, Sorana will host you for the weekend at her countryside cottage;
And Tudor will make sure you are well caffeinated and never have to worry about espresso, cappuccino or latte.
How to apply

Email with a resume or CV and few lines on why you'd like to work with us.