Press Release: Hornbach - lies on shelves

De-Clic :: Press Release: Hornbach - lies on shelves

Bucharest, 12 May 2017 - A de-clic investigation shows that Hornbach lied with respect to their wood supply. The company continues to source from Schweighofer, but does everything it can to hide the origin of this wood.

In December 2016 Hornbach publicly stated they would discontinue the supply of construction wood and planed wood from Schweighofer. [1] The company justified its decision saying they wanted to observe the principles of sustainable forestry. Nevertheless Schweighofer wood products continued to be present on the shelves of Hornbach stores in Romania.

The de-clic investigation was performed over a few weeks, at each of the six Hornbach stores in Romania. During this investigation we pretended to be clients who needed a lot of wood of all types. This allowed us to ask questions about all Schweighofer products on offer in the store. Hornbach employees assured us they constantly source wood from Schweighofer, including beams or timber, products falling under construction wood or planed wood categories - which Hornbach declared they no longer purchased.

The full details of the investigation can be found here:

Radu Cernuta, the journalist who undertook the investigation, declared: “I noticed that products identical to those in Schweighofer's offer can be found abundantly on the shelves of Hornbach stores, some of them bearing an origin label, others not. Staff confirmed they have constant supplies and that any product can be purchased in any quantity."

De-clic community will continue the investigation with the other chains of stores that announced they ceased their collaboration with Schweighofer: Leroy Merlin and Brico Depot. If you have any kind of information in this line, please send it to us at

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[1] Press release Hornbach: